Customer Solutions

Empower your business with a BI solution tailored to your specific needscustomers

Our company is not affiliated with any of the 3rd party reporting and BI products available for Dynamics products and therefore our approach will be different from that of a traditional product vendor.

Starting from a business perspective, we will work with you to determine your reporting and BI needs at a functional level without worrying about technology or specific products as well as take into consideration your budget. These factors will dictate the best approach for you.
Our overriding goal is to help our customer maximize their investments in Dynamics NAV and Microsoft products (Excel, SSRS, and SQL Server).
Often times, Dynamics NAV reporting and BI capabilities will meet the more basic needs.

  1. – Account Schedules and Analysis By Dimensions are powerful out of the box financial reporting options
  2. – Sales Analysis By Dimensions can be used for Sales driven analysis
  3. – NAV 2013 is bringing new options for self-service BI like Query Objects and ODATA Web Services

We offer training services for any NAV features to help your organization leverage them effectively.
If your needs will require a solution above what Dynamics NAV can offer out of the box, we will work with you to determine the best combination of technology and products to meet your needs within your timeframe and budget. Ultimately, your success is our success so our services will allow you to ensure a smooth deployment and successful implementation through all the phases of the BI project.


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